Our Chaplaincy team are elected just before Easter, each year, from Years 5 and 6. The children have to apply in writing, outlining why they would make a good chaplain and what they could bring to the role.

Our Chaplaincy team are responsible for ensuring Altars are set out correctly around the school, and assisting classes with liturgy preparation. The Chaplaincy team help to set up before Mass and ensure readings and any resources are prepared.

Our Chaplaincy Team 

Our Chaplaincy Teams have  achieved a great deal!

  • Been commissioned in a special Mass by Father Colin
  • Visited Mount St Bernard Abbey for our retreat day
  • Led regular whole school collective worship
  • Help other classes with their liturgy preparation
  • Organised ‘Dance for Cafod’ during Lent and raised over £200
  • Ran a lunchtime prayer club
  • Prepared and organised “Advent prayer packs” which every child in the school has taken home
  • Led small group prayer sessions during Advent and Lent

Meet the Team:

What do you like about being part of the Chaplaincy Team?

Alexis: ‘I like being part of the Chaplaincy team because I get to make plan Collective Worships for the school’.

Maja, ‘I wanted to be a Chaplain so I can be closer to God and bring other people closer to God’.

Theo: ‘I like being a Chaplain because you are a part of God’.

Keeva: ‘I enjoy being a Chaplain because we teach children how to enjoy and be a part of Collective Worship’.

Niamh: ‘Jesus said, ‘Pick up your cross and follow me’, so I want to follow Him by being a Chaplain’.