Religious Education

We prioritise Religious Education ; collective worship plays a large role within school and children and adults come together to lead and pray regularly, which children foremost taking leadership and ownership of this for our school community using the Catholic Church’s Ordo and ‘Let us Pray’ resources.

As a Catholic School we are required to dedicate 10% of our timetable to RE. As part of the Nottingham Diocese, we follow the ‘Come and See’ religious education programme. ‘Come and See’ invites pupils to explore the religious aspects of life, dignity and purpose within the Catholic tradition. Pupils reflect on personal experiences and links are made with the Catholic faith as well as other faith traditions. A variety of teaching methods and resources are used, including stories from the Bible, songs and hymns, role play, liturgical dance, creative activities, videos and discussion.

The pupils study three themes each term, the themes are:

  • Advent term: Our church – Family, Baptism and Confirmation – Belonging, Advent and Christmas – Loving.
  • Lent term: Local church – Community, Eucharist – Relating, Lent and Easter – Giving.
  • Pentecost term: Pentecost – Serving, Reconciliation – Inter-relating, Universal church – World.

You can find out more about  the ‘Come and See’  scheme here.

Further information on our R.E. Curriculum , including the current topics,  can be found below and in the half-termly newsletters sent home to each class.

Implementation of an RE Lesson

RE Curriculum Overview 2023 24

RE Yearly Overview Class 1   

RE Yearly Overview Class 2 

RE Yearly Overview Class 3 

RE Yearly Overview Class 4

RE Yearly Overview Class 5

At the heart of our RE curriculum are our ‘Big Questions’, which ultimately drive the learning of the topic. These questions remain open ended and challenging, providing children with opportunities to engage with the deepest questions of life, encouraging pupil collaboration, discussion and reflection. Children are exposed to the mystery of God, the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Church, lives of Saints and the relationship between faith and life.

Big Questions


NDCYS are providing daily liturgies for all to share. Visit their youtube channel to join in!
Our theme for this term is Missionary discipleship. In this theme we are encouraged to think about how we can be the face of Christ for others, how we can actively spread the Word and love of God to others by being outwardly facing Christians. In the difficult times we are in, this seems as important a thing to do as ever, albeit possibly more challenging given our current situation. Each week there will be a short task for you to complete which we would like children to film of send in a photo of them completing. This could be selected and shown on NDCYS on Friday at 6pm on their YouTube channel. We would love you to post these to twitter but could you also email them to us at so we can forward them on.