Maths is taught in line with the National Curriculum – covering different areas including number, calculation, fractions, statistics and geometry. Teachers ensure they incorporate fluency, reasoning and problem solving into maths lessons to ensure children have an opportunity to apply the skills they have learned in different contexts. The coverage of maths is planned carefully over the year to ensure children access all areas of the maths curriculum.

Resources to support at home

Timestables are an integral part of the maths learning and link to everything we do. Children complete 99 club challenges in school and are also able to practise timestables using Timestable Rockstars

Weekly homework is set using My maths online tool
Your child should bring home their own personal login where they can access the work which is being set.

99 club

Children need to ensure they practise their timestables every day. Each week you can use the 99 club resources to test your child. They have 5 minutes to complete the test. If they get them all right they can progress to the next level. Good luck!

Magic Maths

At school we do a weekly magic maths test and then focus on different areas to improve our skills. See if you can improve your score each week to get through red, yellow and green!

Online resources to support at home

Here are some online links which you may want to use to help your child at home:
White Rose Maths
My Maths  

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