Ofsted Report

‘High standards alongside Catholic faith values’ sums up leaders’ ambitions for pupils.’

I am delighted to inform you that the final Ofsted inspection report from our 1-day Section 8 inspection on 17th January 2023 accompanies this covering letter. The report will also be accessible via the school website today and published on the official Ofsted report website this week. The purpose of a Section 8 inspection is to gauge whether our school continues to be ‘good’ as indicated in our previous report in February 2018.

It gives me great pleasure to share that His Majesty’s Inspector and team member believed that the school could still be judged, and continues to be, a ‘good’ school. A benchmark that is high under the current Ofsted framework.

I am pleased that the hard work undertaken by the St Charles staff and Trust community has been recognised, including our strong culture for safeguarding so that children feel happy and safe at St Charles, our work on making sure children know how to stay safe online and the positive outcomes from our STAR behaviour system. Obviously as Reading Leader at St Charles, I am extremely proud of the outcomes and comments made on Early Reading, ‘Leaders have established a ‘buzz’ in the school’s reading culture.’

What is satisfying is that the next steps identified were already within our development plan prior to this inspection, therefore I look forward to the opportunity to develop these areas for improvement as Head Teacher at St Charles.

Please take the time to read the inspection report in full as it evidences that St Charles is a good school and a ‘good place to be’, but a school that will continue to strive for only the best for the pupils at our school.

Kind Regards

Mrs F Knight

Head Teacher

To read the full report please click on the link below:

Diocesan Canonical Inspection Report

We had our Diocesan Canonical inspection in November 2018. We were extremely pleased with the outcome where we were judged as Good overall with Outstanding for Catholic Life and Collective Worship elements!

St Charles’ Catholic Voluntary Academy is a Christ-centred place where all members of the community ‘pray, love and learn together as one school family’. The Catholic ethos permeates through the school’s positive relationships, policies and practices so that all are valued and supported, including those most in need. Parents are overwhelmingly positive and appreciative of all that the school does. Pupils are happy and settled, eager to share their thoughts and views about school life, saying, ‘We are all like one big family! We come together and we pray together…everyone is kind to you’.

To read the full report please click on the link below: